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The Metaverse Travel Agency (M.T.A.) is pioneering the next generation of wearable NFTs on the Ethereum Blockchain. Our first collection consists of 10,101 randomly assembled Metahelmets.

Each Metahelmet is unique, but some are rarer than others. Mint yours to join a thriving community of explorers dedicated to protecting the Metaverse: The Metanauts.

rule #1

Never reveal your true
in the Metaverse.

the specs

Every Metahelmet is unique, and randomly assembled from 100+ possible traits. Each NFT is stored as an ERC-721 token, and hosted on IPFS.

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To mint a Metahelmet and access exclusive content and members only benefits, Metanauts will have to connect their Metamask Wallet.

the quantum machine

Each Metahelmet is equipped with a screen that allows users to display other NFTs they own, directly on the Helmet. NFTs can be merged and unmerged whenever needed by accessing The Quantum Machine. This feature will be available to Metanauts shortly after launch.

membership benefits

"The M.T.A. is on a mission to explore and protect the internet’s new frontier: The Metaverse."

When you acquire a Metahelmet, you’re not simply receiving a unique digital collectible. You’re gaining access to an exclusive community, filled with events, challenges, and rewards. Each Helmet is Metaverse ready, and comes with 3D files (glb) and a variety of unlockable content. Additionally, the entire collection will be optimized to be worn in Decentraland and The Sandbox, thanks to our official partnerships.

10101 unique Metahelmets.

Fair launch, fair distribution: All wearables cost 0,10101 ETH

Ownership and commercial usage rights given to the consumer over their NFT.

NFT Gated Access to Metaverse headquarters and quests.

Gain additional benefits through roadmap activations and unlockable content.



  • M.T.A broadcasting activation.
  • Release the first M.T.A Community Adventure.
  • Initiate reward wallet for scavenger hunts and quests: 21 ETH and 21 Metahelmets.


  • Start Development of M.T.A HQ in Decentraland.
  • Exclusive M.T.A. merch store launched.
  • Reward wallet refill: 21 Metahelmets.


  • Giveaway of 3 M.T.A. private offices in our Decentraland HQ.
  • Reward wallet refill: 21 ETH and 21 MetaHelmets.


  • Exclusive event in Decentraland with special rewards available.
  • POAP for everyone who participated in the Launch.
  • Scavenger Hunt Wallet Refill 21 ETH and 21 Metahelmets (63 ETH, 84 Metahelmets Total).

the future of m.t.a

The M.T.A. is the first metaverse agnostic community that helps organize a multitude of rebels, dreamers, and builders that represent the future of the space. Our goal is to support the growth of the Metaverse and all the amazing projects that are taking shape within it. In order to continue developing the M.T.A., each Metahelmet will have a royalty of 2.5% on secondary sales through OpenSea.

Put your Metahelmet on, and join us as we build the future of the Metaverse. We have big plans, and we’re only just getting started.

The MTA is a Metaverse agnostic community and will continue to partner with new Metaverses.

metaverse expansion

A place to learn new skills about the Metaverse and offer your new services.

metagig portal

The royalty from Open Sea secondary sales will go directly to the MTA to continue expanding its ecosystem.


metaverse partners

Decentraland The Sandbox
Metaverse Travel Agency

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