welcome to the m.t.a.

the origin

The year is 2112.

The new, disruptive technologies that once led to exponential progress and freedom have been co-opted to create massive tech empires that control every aspect of life. Bandwidth, which used to reach every corner of the globe, has been restricted. Wars over network access have brought humanity to the brink.

Access to the internet - a necessity for survival in the current age - has become a luxury of those in power.

As a way to fight back, a group of rebels built a peer-to-peer network of nodes that provided free and uncensored internet access to all. It was a space where users could live free of surveillance and control. Where people could bridge the real with the digital. They called it the Metaverse.

The Metaverse prospered for a while, but like everything else in the new world, it was vulnerable. Corporations started to break into the Metaverse, replacing art with fast moving consumer goods, replacing music with regulated advertisements and promotion, and using user’s data against them.

The rebels realized that without the Metaverse, their fight against centralization would be lost forever. They worked tirelessly to find a glitch in the system that would allow them to regain control -- and they did. By tapping into the individual nodes, they could send their conscience back in time and become one with the metaverse.

These rebels traveled back to the origins of the Metaverse to make sure it never fell into the wrong hands. These metanauts built the Metaverse Travel Agency (M.T.A.) to democratize the metaverse and steward humanity into a brighter future.

They wrote a clear and concise guide for all Metanauts who followed them, laying the foundation that would help everyone prosper in the virtual world.

your guide to the mta

Rule #1: Never reveal your true identity in the metaverse.

Before we begin, you must never reveal your true identity in the Metaverse. Our anonymity is what keeps us safe.

The M.T.A. is not only a place for Metanauts to gather, but also a place where missions, quests and adventures get assigned to members based on their roles.

Metanauts choose their roles based on their passions, skills, and interests. These members will be frequently employed by others in the virtual realm through the M.T.A. job portal.

There are five roles a Metanaut may take on.


Some of the most sought after metanauts, able to build impossible structures with their tools. They are the ones responsible for designing every space you enter in the Metaverse.


Few and far between, hackers deploy software and solve critical technical problems. They are the ones responsible for designing and programming experiences.


The protectors of all members of the metaverse. They are responsible for upholding the rules, and ensuring MTA members are treated with respect and courtesy.


Explorers have visited every corner of the known Metaverse, and constantly push its boundaries. They are responsible for uncovering new quests and solving complex puzzles.


Academicians are your first point of contact when you are initiated in the virtual world. They will help and guide you on everything there is to know about the metaverse, its assets and its people.

The MTA is recruiting 10,101 Metanauts to help expand and protect the metaverse. No matter your affiliations or your avatar community, your MetaGear is all you need to safely travel through uncharted virtual territory.

You are now a metanaut, the last line of defense for the land we hold dear. It’s all up to you.

Take the leap.